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Filipinos love desserts, we all have sweet tooth and nobody can stop us by tasting delectable and sweet products. So having sweet Macapuno for dessert is like heaven.

Do you love to prepare desserts for your family and loved ones but hate to spend a lot of time preparing these desserts? Actually, you can lessen your preparation time if you have all the ingredients ready and pre-cooked so, you will have less time preparing, and more time with your family. Florence Macapuno Strings 12oz is here to help you out with different kinds of desserts for different types of people, and on different occasions or seasons. If it is hot season, make ice cream and halo-halo more delectable with these macapuno strings that taste like heaven. If it is winter or cold season, bake boat tarts and pastries with macapuno strings and pair them with cups of hot chocolate or coffee. If it is a birthday party, then bake a cake with macapuno strings on it as garnish. If it is an office party or company event, use macapuno stings as appetizers or finger food for everyone. With just a bottle of Florence Macapuno Strings 12oz, there's a lot of things you can create!

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