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K&K The Artisan Parfum uses 40% perfume concentration compared to other brands that uses 7% concentration or less making our perfumes stand out and last longer up to 12 hours (on average) based on feedback by our satisfied customers. K&K The Artisan Parfum only uses the purest essential oils imported from Paris, France without the Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) and uses natural and controlled methods following the natural aging process of perfume making to ensure consistent quality and performance. K&K The Artisan Parfum does not contain DPG that can cause skin irritation and burning sensation on the skin and have a stinging effect on the nostrils. DPG is  normally used for room/car sprays and for mass production for faster aging process of perfume making and as an additive agent. K&K The Artisan Parfum is backed up with passion and extensive research combined with science and art of perfume making, thus we claim it to be ARTISAN. K&K The Artisan Parfum is NOT mass-produced & 100% handcrafted. We at K&K The Artisan Parfum are banking on quality and luxurious perfumes at an affordable price which reflects our commitment to value for money. We do not bank on the advertisement and aesthetics but rather focusing our efforts on the quality and performance of our ARTISAN PARFUMS. K&K The Artisan Parfum encourages you to experience our perfumes, try it  yourself & experience the uniqueness & quality
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