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Tickle your taste buds with these perfect go-togethers. Macapuno Strings, Purple Yam Jam, Sugar Palm Fruit (Kaong), White Beans, Red Mungo Beans, Chick Peas, Nata de Pina, and Nata de Coco. Put them all together on top of crushed ice, add ice cream and you'll have a 100% indulgent refreshing mix.

This coming holidays, you will have a lot of food and dishes to prepare. Better load your cupboards with basic ingredients which you can add to different types of meals and snacks just like Kayumanggi Macapuno Strings 32oz. This bottled sweet comes in a very large jar which is great for numerous times you will need ingredients and is perfect when you prepare a large number of desserts and sweets.

Macapuno is a coconut variety from the Philippines which has a different taste and incredibly thick coconut meat compared to regular coconuts. It is naturally sweet and is jelly-like coconut meat which is loved and famous among Filipinos and whoever could taste them. Kayumanggi Macapuno Strings 32oz offers it in sweet flavor and it is already ready to eat. Although, for bottled sweets like this one, it is best if you chill it first to get the best taste of makapuno.

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