ReferApps Vision


To provide marketing tools to companies and individuals and create a perpetual income stream through referrals to stir and revolutionize economy. 


Decentralizing profit and putting people back into the equation. 

Guiding Principle: (and a story)

Economy starts with ECO and it is nothing but how fast and efficient you can recycle or share your wealth with everyone.  Information is Money. In today's information superhighway, we always need something, whether an item or a service. What if every time we refer someone to get an item or service, we get a piece of the profit? Every item for sale and every service you receive has an advertising avenue to get to you whether a sales lady or a TV Ad.  Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize that process. When you work, you provide a service to someone and your effort is properly compensated. But that effort is only good for as long as you are working for someone selling an item or a service. If you stop, compensation also stops. Is there an easy way to make every effort you make that leads to a sale benefit you? Can you work for multiple stores at the same time?  In fact you already do this all the time when you tell about your friends something you use that works for you. If the service is recurring shouldn't you get paid every time you buy or the service was rendered?  Very wealthy people already do that and lots of them hardly works anymore. They already built a system to funnel money towards them. Our company seek to provide that system for you using our mobile Apps. What if we can get all the kids & adults be more productive  while texting? We are all about empowering everyone whether a manufacturing company or an individual recycle your money and stir economic revolution (ecolution) fit for this age of cyber economist and information superhighway.

Economy again is nothing but how fast you can #RecycleYourMoney.  Let me tell you a simple but true story and an observation how economy works and why Wall Street and the government wants you to spend to stir economic growth. Growing up I noticed how thrifty my mother is. Every time something breaks like a chair, she would want to fix it and put it back together again. I came to the conclusion that her action is really not good for the economy.  Now the carpenter who made the chair did not make any money. Now that same carpenter was not able to buy that item or service that you have.

If you and I both have $100 and you kept yours and save it like what my mom would do, by the end of the year you still have $100. On the other hand, if i spend my $100 right away buying a new chair, the carpenter has $100 that he used to buy food at the grocery store. Now the store owner has $100 to spend to purchase an insurance policy from me for $100. If I can recycle my money say 10 times in a year, I actually used $1,000 with the same exact amount we both have. Plus, the carpenter and grocer actually used $1000 each if they also circulated it 10 times. Government likes that because every time the money change hands, guess what... they get paid taxes. Now they can print more paper money and fix the road so I can purchase more chairs even quicker. Imagine in the olden days of horse and carriage.  Before you can purchase a chair, it might take you a week.  Now you don't even need a road.

Notice that the biggest economies in the world are the biggest spenders. So, the faster we can recycle our money, the more money we get to use.  We are the buyers anyway.  We also encourage everyone to buy more locally so it comes back to us much quicker. The rich guy who is making all the profit will probably not buy same item and more likely to buy a helicopter in Timbuktu.  That money will not come back around in your lifetime.

Global economy today is driven by big corporations. Most of the profit goes to the top 2% and repeat buyers generate even more money to the top. Our goal is to put everyone on the loop giving more spending money to the actual buyers and referrers.  It's a win-win situation for everyone including big corps.  In following that principle, we promise as a company to try and spend all our profits as quickly as we get them 1. to make our system secure & solid to protect your interest 2. To find more avenues to stir economic transactions that gives you a piece of the profit and 3. Spend it wisely to support worthwhile causes that helps humanity. It's your money, we can't bring it to the grave.

An Afterthought: (added later)

Greed and corruption is really a road block that stifles the speed of empowering and giving everyone this spending money to purchase each other's products and services.  Greedy people are really anti prosperity and they are also hurting not only the flow of money but also themselves sooner or later.  We need to understand that greed and corruption disrupts the ripples and delays the flow of wealth everyone is entitled to.  As a company, I hope we are a worthy to serve you.

An Invitation:

Our company would like to invite everyone whether an individual or a company to join us and put you on a fast-tract. In this technological age, let us help one another to profit from every sale or service brought about by you using our ReferApps tool. We want to be the FB and Amazon of all products for sale with you in the middle. It's your time! It's time for a ReferApps Ecolution!

Can you help?

Ira Francisco Alquiros Sr.

Founder / CEO ReferApps, Inc.

Email: ialquiros@referapps.com