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Barley Juice is the 21st century super food drink that provides every nutrient necessary
for survival, including Proteins, all 8 essential Amino Acids, highly Alkalizing Minerals
and a whole range of Vitamins.

Barley juice is the easy path to loading up on youth enhancing, muscle building,
immune strengthening ingredients with one drink.

• It helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
• It helps reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease and formation of blood clots
• It helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack
• It helps lower blood cholesterol and blood glucose level
• It helps to promote healthy digestive system by maintaining a healthy colon
• It helps fight formation of gallstone by reducing bile acid secretion
• It helps reduce the risk of having anemia and fatigue
• It helps improve blood volume
• It helps promote hemoglobin and red blood cells formation
• It helps promote weight loss
• It helps protect the cells against free radicals and reduce cellular damage
• It helps reduce the risk of having rheumatoid arthritis
• It helps strengthen bones and muscles therefore reducing the risk of having osteoporosis
• It helps strengthen the immune system and reduces chances of cold and flu

10 sachets/ box

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Brand JC Premiere
Expiration Date 12/20/2025
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